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Slim Tex-Mex Taco Dip



I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, ours was jam packed!  We had several events to attend (which I am so thankful for), I spent Wednesday evening last week meal planning and preparing my shopping lists so I could shop on Thursday and prep/cook on Friday morning.  It pays to be organized!


Mr. Clean With New Febreze Scents




For the last few months Mr. Clean has been partnering with the scents of Febreze to help their cleaning products smell fresh and clean.  Back in February my sister Ashlie and I tried the bathroom cleaner and magic erasers with the fresh lavender Febreze scent, we loved them so much we asked Febreze to give them to one of our lucky Sister Sister Sunday readers.

The people over at Mr. Clean know how much I love to clean so they sent me the latest and greatest products to try out. They are featuring two new scents, New Zealand Springs and Hawaiian Aloha, that I was able to put to a real test in my friend Larry’s small San Francisco studio apartment.

My friend Larry was moving a few weeks ago and he asked me to come over to help him clean it up and organize his things so he could move out.  I came prepared with my mop, bucket, Mr. Clean all purpose cleaners, and rags.  Larry is a single guy with a busy lifestyle, I am not saying he is a slob but cleaning is not his highest priority.  His stove had baked on grease, the counter tops were grimy, the fridge needed to be wiped out the the tub had soap scum build up.  I don’t let my house get very messy so lucky for Mr. Clean, Larry’s mess gave me a good chance to try out the newest Mr. Clean products and they really worked.

They removed all of the stuck on grease on his stove stop, made it easy to wipe out his fridge,  and I also used it in his bathtub, counter tops, and the walls and floorboards.  (I told you I love to clean!).  I was so happy with the performance and the scents of all of the products.  I have a very sensitive sniffer and I was worried that the new scents would give me a headache or make his apartment smell like a cheap island vacation but I was very pleasantly surprised.  They smell fresh and clean!  I also love that the cleaners worked on multiple surfaces and in multiple rooms.  If I wouldn’t have brought the Mr. Clean all purpose cleaner I would have had to bring a bathroom cleaner, kitchen and stove cleaner, and a floor cleaner. Talk about a pain in the butt (literally, there are a lot of hills in San Fran!).

If you are looking for a powerful new cleaning tool to ad to your cleaning repertoire, put the new scents from Febreze on your shopping list. No matter if you are entertaining all of the kids in the neighborhood or watching movies home alone, these cleaners will keep your home clean and fresh all summer long.

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