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It’s Been 2 Years…



Not only is today my 2 year blog birthday, it also marks my 600th post, wowzers!  It has been a fun adventure that I am so glad I started, it have been a treat to document my life and my business as I share my favorite organizing projects, recipes, fashion buys, and opinions about cleaning products, entertaining, and much much more.  

Thank you all for every comment, email, and guest post that you have shared, it is nice to know there are actually people out there reading my posts, even though I have stat pages to keep track of who is reading it can get a little lonely over here if I don’t hear from anyone. 

It has been interesting to see the blog evolve over the last 2 years, when I started I had a template from Shabby Blogs and a logo that my husband created for me.  Over time Chris has changed the look and he has done a really great job showing off my style and personality.  He just completed another round of updates over Thanksgiving weekend and my favorite feature is the sliding photo screen on the top of the home page, I hope it lets readers keep up with recent posts.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have more of a schedule on the blog, like a theme for each day “Makeover Monday, Organizing Tips Tuesday, What’s Cookin Wednesday, etc.. but I have shied away from doing that because I really enjoy not being on a schedule, letting it just be more organic.

So many people tell me that they wish they could blog everyday but they don’t have enough time.  I really hate this excuse because #1: it insinuates that I have plenty of spare time to blog, #2: all it takes is a time management skills to pull it off.  Ever since I committed to writing 5-6 days per week ideas just keep coming to my mind for topics to write about.   I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I get a little panic that I am going to run out of things to write about but so far so good!  Every time I get a new idea I start a blog post and keep it as a draft until it posts, I continue to work on it as I get inspired.  Typically there are 15-20 different drafts in process at once.  Each night I spend 10 to fifteen minutes tweaking and adding final touches to the post.  The next morning I publish the post and share it on Facebook and Twitter.  I know I could schedule my posts but there is something I like about posting it myself, I think I want to ensure that it looks good and all of the links work when I share. it.  After the post is published I link it up to all of the daily linky parties that I enjoy.

Looking back over the last 2 years on my blog I realize it looks like everyday is a sunny day at Kuzak’s Closet but that is not always the truth.  I wish I would have shared more about the struggles re-creating my business, waiting for clients to call after we moved to California,  stories about my challenging clients, and some of the crazy things I have found while organizing (dead cats, wedding dresses never worn, porn collections, and odd collections like wax sculptures of a one of my client’s dead husbands, yes, I said husbands).  But the truth is, this blog is a reflection of my business and I think it is best that it stay neutral, I would hate for a potential client to be turned off from working with me after coming across the blog and seeing something offensive.  My main goals for the blog are to let my friends and family know what I am up to and inspire my readers to get organized in their closets, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, and storage spaces.

I am excited about what the future holds for the blog, if you are not already connected please become a fan on Facebook or subscribe to my latest posts.

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